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Dr. Walter Zamarian Jr. performs in Londrina, Parana, Brazil, plastic surgery of top notch quality, with modern techniques and excellent results. He is committed to helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals in a friendly and cozy environment. Londrina is one of the havens for plastic surgery and one of the most pleasant cities in Brazil. The city’s leisure and recreational activities place it among the most important cities in Latin America. It is one of the cities in which culture and innovation coexist happily.

Dr. Walter Zamarian Jr. is proud to carry on the family tradition of memorable services and results rendered to the community by his father, who also shared his name with his son. As a tribute to his father he carries this legacy, and his impeccable reputation has inspired Dr. Zamarian in his constant pursuit for excellence. Therefore, Dr. Zamarian is considered one of the greatest new talents in plastic surgery in Brazil.

Plastic surgery involves great responsibility; there are many important decisions to be taken in relation to any aesthetic procedure before it can be carried out. At the Zamarian Clinic, we are strongly committed to this responsibility. Since the first consultation with Dr. Zamarian, from procedure to recovery, we will be with you in every moment. You will be guided on the most adequate pre and postoperative approaches to ensure that your surgery and the results are successful.

Patient Testimonials

Thank you and congratulations, Dr. Walter Zamarian Jr.! - by L.B.R., November 08, 2014

Good morning, Dr. Walter. I didn't even have time to thank you for the care you took for me before, during and after the surgery. Thank you so much for your commitment, dedication and patience with me. Anyway, I wanted to say that you did a great job. I'm recovering very well and every day happier with the result. For me it wasn't just a physical change but it really raised my self-esteem, which is very good for our ego. Congratulations on your work and the doctor you are. It's no wonder that wherever I go (cardiologist, physiotherapist, Modeller, etc.) everyone praises you and says I was in good hands. May God continue to handle your hands as well as he has done so far and may he continue to guide you too. Happy Sunday, until our return. A hug.

Today I am very happy - by T.S., December 27, 2012

Today I am very happy to have met Dr. Walter Zamarian. I'm going to talk a little about my life, at 18 I put my 1a silicone prosthesis, because I didn't have any breasts at 25 I decided to put another prosthesis. Then the problem started, I had the surgery with a doctor from Niterói Rio de Janeiro and I had problems, she told me that I had capsular contracture that the problem was my body for rejecting a foreign body, so far everything was fine in two years I had to change because he felt a lot of pain and discomfort. Now the 3a prosthesis: I had the surgery but again I had this problem according to her. And it was clear and palpable, look what an embarrassment, I was desperate because I talked to her and she told me that I was going to have to do without the prosthesis. But God is very good because he gave me a light that was Dr. Walter. I watched his videos and here in Rio I said I'm going to Londrina because I'm going to have this surgery with this doctor. In the videos he gives you a security and at that moment it was what I needed. I went to the consultation and luckily I met this surgeon who is really a great professional. I did the exams he asked for and in the greatest tranquility he told me you can rest assured your breast will look beautiful then I took a breath. . I decided to write this story of mine because you may have a problem and not know who to turn to. I'll tell you that I have no words to describe my happiness. When thinking about having surgery you can be sure that you will be in the right hands. Thank you very much Dr. Walter Zamarian may God always be with you and your family...

An instrument of God - by S.M.P., April 10, 2010

I was depressed and very crestfallen, I no longer wanted to live, I felt old, worn out. The husband and daughters constantly told me that I was no longer beautiful. I asked God a lot to choose a Doctor so I could smile again, that's when I met Dr. Walter Zamarian, was for me an instrument used by God. He gave me his time and affection. I am always grateful for what he did for me. The will to live is back, I'm happy to get ready. Everyone says I'm much younger, and it filled my heart with hope again, because I could feel like a younger woman. The people around me admire me. I no longer take medication for depression or tranquilizers, I am another person, stronger and happier. I feel alive again, thank God. I believe that I can still improve in other aesthetic points and it would be satisfying to do with Dr. Walter, as he brings great results. If there is someone in this situation like I felt, I have a tip to improve self-esteem and be happier, just meet such a dear person, Dr. Zamarian.

Excellent professional! - by T.C.M., June 28, 2011

Hello, everyone. I would like to relate the exciting experience I had. I am a mother of 3 beautiful children, I am 30 years old and after 3 pregnancies, many things have changed in my body. I haven't worn a bikini for about 8 years and I didn't like to look at myself in the mirror either. After a lot of thinking, I decided to take action and change what was bothering me. Then, my friends, the search began for a professional who would look at me and give me confidence and who would help me decide on the best option. After meeting Dr. Walter Zamarian, my life began to change; when I met him, I felt that I was in excellent hands and I was sure that everything would work out. We confirmed the date of the plastic surgery and the procedures we would perform. What made me happy was when Dr. Walter Zamarian entered the room of the clinic where the surgery was performed, and then he removed the bandages from my abdomen. Guys, I was so moved, you have no idea; I looked at Dr Walter and excited I said you know how long I haven't seen my abdomen like this, he gently replied you liked it, I loved it! I would like all people, regardless of whether men or women chose a professional like the one I had the great pleasure of being operated on, starting with your secretary Priscila who always treats you very gently, then the entire team that accompanies Dr. Walter, after the surgery we already have a great professional to take care of those small discomforts like swelling, edema... we can count on the drainage sessions with Bruna who is also very helpful. Anyway, today I look at myself in the mirror and I really like what I see my husband so he loved my new look, I hope that my words help them to decide for a great professional, someone who takes their doubts and gives you confidence, that supports you to do harmonic, natural work. I wish all readers all the best and do as I did, opt for the best, opt for Dr. Walter Zamarian.

Deserves my tribute - by C.S.M., February 03, 2012

What can I say about this great doctor and very patient friend? He is certainly an excellent professional, dedicated, attentive, honorable, somewhat of a perfectionist, and who works miracles (both physical... and emotional). He is a blessed being of great knowledge and ability. An important person, who deserves tribute because with affection, attention and friendship, he makes his patients happy individuals. May the rays of divine light illuminate his path. Dedication and constant study mark his daily life, which, on several occasions, gives up his time and schedule to always be ready to answer the most urgent calls (or what his patients understand by urgent, right?). Thanks for everything...

About Londrina

Londrina is a city that welcomes people and visitors with open arms. Born by the efforts of pioneers who arrived here in the 1930s, it developed rapidly, becoming the second largest town in Parana and the third largest in the Southern Brazil. It is a welcoming city, joyful and full of life. Several factors have led to this.

The beginning of the city’s history already showed its potential for developing riches: Londrina grew under the green gold, our coffee, a culture that drove the municipality to its first decades of booming life, being also known as the "Coffee Capital". Coffee gave the city its first great achievements, and, today, it is always remembered as one of the milestones in the city’s history.

Londrina has always been a city of vision. Even in the midst of the red soil, when progress was still an aspiration, the pioneers did not ignore the basic needs of the population, such as education and health, and, even in the 1930s and 40s, the city of Londrina saw the birth of its first schools and hospitals. The Santa Casa hospital opened its doors in 1944, eight years after the creation of the "Irmandade Santa Casa" (created in 1936); the first school of the city was inaugurated on June 26, 1931, even before its emancipation, which would occur only in 1934.

This brief history shows the strength that the city has acquired since the first peroba trees went down, opening gaps where the pioneers began to build the future city. The first hundreds of residents have multiplied and now exceed 500 thousand. Data from the last census showed that there are 506 thousand people living in the city. Most of them work in the retail sector - more than 33 thousand people. Industry and services (health among them) are other strong drivers for this city whose GDP, per capita, according to IBGE, was R$ 19,612 annually, for 2010.

In the health sector, Londrina stands out in the region as well. Approximately 8,000 people work in the field of Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine (Source: MTE – RAIS, 2010). The knowledge and investment in the Health area has a long history. The course of Medicine began to be offered in Londrina on February 15, 1967 at the Northern Parana Medical School. In 1970, it turned into Universidade Estadual de Londrina - UEL -, where Dr. Walter Zamarian Jr. attended Medical School and was a resident in General Surgery. However, to complement his education- the study of Plastic Surgery – he went to work with Professor Ivo Pitanguy's School in Rio de Janeiro.

UEL is today a reference in Medicine, attracting students from all over Brazil - and even foreigners. Per year, about 80 new physicians are trained by the institution. Residency Courses offered in the same location complement the training of new professionals.

Data from the city of Londrina indicate that there are 19 hospitals in the city, totaling more than 1,600 beds, which receives patients not only from the city but other regions - and even other states - in search of excellence. This search for excellence began with the city’s pioneers back in the 1940s.

The Zamarian Clinic of Plastic Surgery is located at 111 Joao Wyclif St, suite 1702 at Gleba Palhano, an upscale and modern side of the town. The hotel closest to the Zamarian Clinic is the Comfort Suites, across from Catuaí Shopping Center.


How can I schedule my consultation?

You can contact us by telephone and talk to Isanna on +55-43-99917-9779 or by e-mail: info@zamarian.com.br.

How many consultations will I have before surgery?

Dr. Zamarian’s first consultation is used to develop your plastic surgery plan. He will ask for some tests and will see you in a return visit before the surgery to see tests results and take photos.

When should I plan my surgery?

We recommend at least a week to give you enough time to carry out required preoperative tests and to take the necessary pictures for the surgery.

When will hospital admission happen? What about discharge?

We recommend admission on the day of the surgery, an hour prior to the surgery. Hospital discharge is usually the next day, 24 hours after the surgery.

Where will my surgery take place?

Dr. Zamarian operates in several hospitals, but for the sake of logistics, has performs more than 95 % of his surgeries at Hospital do Coração in Londrina.

How will I know about the doctor’s recommendations after my plastic surgery?

Dr. Zamarian shall deliver in writing a prescription with all the recommendation on hospital discharge so that you have the best post-surgery treatment possible.

When will be my first return visit after surgery?

About two days after your discharge.

Will I have other return vitits?

Yes, returns after plastic surgery usually occur at one or two days, seven days, 14 days, three weeks, one month, two months, six months and one year.

When are the before and after pictures taken?

On the return visit, between your first visit and your surgery, Dr. Zamarian will take the photos before your surgery. The after pictures are then taken in two months’ time.

Is there a number that I can call if I have any questions after the surgery?

Dr. Zamarian offers his cell phone number to all patients who are operated by him, leaving it available 24h for greater security.